Commit was created to build stronger communities at the Kellogg School of Management ... and beyond!

We started Commit because we realized that there was a huge shift in the culture and community at Kellogg after Tilt exited the market. Less events were being planned and less people were connecting… and Kellogg’s culture suffered because of it. We fundamentally believe in the power of social events and getting to know people outside of the academic or corporate setting. To us, connecting as humans is what drives culture and organizational success.


Mia Velasquez

Co-founder & cEO

When Mia isn’t doing, she’s feeling. She is constantly on the go, moving and shaking for Commit and for Kellogg, but always with a smile. Connecting people and helping others achieve their goals is her motivation, and other than weight-lifting, socializing is her favorite past-time. She’s empathetic, sometimes to a fault, but also action-driven. If something comes up that needs to get done, Mia usually has it in motion before it even hits our to-do list.


Josh Kim


The only thing Josh is more passionate about than our company is USC. Although he attended Wash U. @ St. Louis, he’s a diehard and lifelong Trojan fan. Originally from LA but with family in Korea, he loves K-Pop – his InstaStories are basically an ode to Jessi. As a former lawyer and venture capital guy, he’s also our logic and structure, balancing out the many *feelings* that abound from the other co-founders.


Dan Kolb

co-founder & chief product officer

Dan is an early adopter – the first time he met Mia, he mentioned beta testing at least three times. Driven by mission, he left his fancy consulting job to spend six months in Kenya working in international development for farmer business organizations before jumping into the startup scene. He is always listening and processing – sometimes it takes him a few minutes to structure a thought, but we always know that when it gets out… it will be brilliant.


Brittany Price

Customer Strategy Lead








Alex Eng

product manager & design-thinker

Alex is constantly thinking about how we can make our product better and more beautiful. As the token MMM, he always carries Post-Its and sharpies in his bag in case the team needs to quickly ideate on new features. A former management consultant turned product manager, he loves using the design process to empathize with users and finding new ways to solve their deepest needs. As the team DJ, he also bumps the tunes that get everyone fired up!